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Why wellness?

The mission of the website is to enhance the quality of life and spread happiness.healthWellness

Health is the key ingredient of nation building and development processes as it promotes individual’s ability to work productively, participate in social life and contribute constructively to the development of society. Indeed, life is increasingly being adversely impacted by the fast paced globalization and development processes of the contemporary world. Consequently, Health and Wellness have become major concerns of the people. Moreover, the rising cost of worldwide healthcare necessitates focus on preventive measures thatmay significantly reduce cost of medical care. With advancing technology, the people in the current times have become more informed and therefore are better equipped to make decisions on what they consider to be natural. The alternative medicine has emerged as key means of cost effective way of not only maintaining better health but also that tends to widens awareness regarding the importance of prevention as opposed to cure.

The mission and vision of the website have taken especial cognizance of the World Health Organization’s definition1 of health asa state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Thus, health has developed myriad aspects of wellbeing that goes beyond the traditional realms of biological and medical determinants and encompasses the physical, mental and social aspect of the individuals. The website therefore makes genuine efforts to understand and create awareness of the socio-psychological and environmental determinants of health that influence general wellbeing of the individuals. The information provided is based on general perception and experience of the authors unless otherwise informed.