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Depression Type A Personality Disorder

depression-Secret of healthPersonality disorder is one of the fastest spreading health problem in the emerging times. Mental problem like depression is one such health issue which has affected the largest number of people across the world. According to the latest report of World are undergoing serious depression.

Why the problems of depression is increasing amongst the people? The main reason is that today in the fast changing world, depression has been taken as part of changing lifestyle and therefore not considered as a disease. But if the tendency or rather the recurrence and periodicity of depression increases, it could prove fatal. People under severe depression become more vulnerable to developing the suicidal tendencies.



It is observed that the major symptoms of depression are feeling lonely, lack of sleep or not able to sleep, thinking about suicide, constant worrying and nervous behavior etc.

Depression also leads to high blood pressure, loss of memory, addiction of substance including TV, computer, mobile etc. It could also cause heart attack and brain hemorrhage.


Depression is Type-A Personality Disorder is more prevalent in the corporate workforce and office culture where professionals are under constant stress to meet new targets and forced to maintain high competitive instinct. The hugely competitive work environment becomes part of work culture mainly in order to main personal and professional status. The visible signs of work stress are high level of worry, constant nervousness and insecurity. They are also constant defining new ways of keeping in touch and working at all hours without allowing any personal space for  themselves and their family. Thus, mobile, computer, internet etc. become essential ingredient of people who could be leading towards depression. Indeed, we do o even become aware when we are under depression.

Remedial measures

Bringing small changes to your lifestyle could stop depression and help overcome stress which is the major reason for this type of mental disorder.

  • Avoid fast food and maintain a healthy diet of fiber and nutrition
  • Include Yoga and meditation within your lifestyle
  • Become more social on a physical basis rather than through digital media like internet, mobile etc.
  • Create personal space for yourself and your family
  • Take regular short breaks from work
  • Discuss your problems and invite suggestions to enhance your understanding of the issues which cause you stress.
  • Take the help of professional counselors if the problems persist and start affecting your health including your diet, sleep etc.