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Benefits of sleeping on the left side

By Vijay Bhatt

Recent research has revealed that sleeping on the left side is hugely beneficial to health. Earlier sleeping on the back was considered to be a good practice but now scientists believe that sleeping on left helps various organs to function better. Mattresses also need to be firm and family doctor’s advice should be sought on the kind of mattresses that are good for the person concerned. The following benefits clearly show that people should change their sleeping practice for overall wellness and fitness.

1. Lymphatic drainage

The toxins present in the lymphatic system need to be thrown out of the body. Sleeping on the left posture expedites and improves the process of drainage of toxic products from the system.

2. Fitness of heart

Sleeping on the left considerably lowers the pressure on the heart. Scientists also believe that it improves the oxygen flow and consequently the blood flow to the heart improves and enhances its functioning.

3. Improved digestion

When one sleeps on the right, the digestive fluids tend to come to the throat which results in stomach related illnesses like nausea, indigestion etc. Sleeping on the left is advisable as it keeps the digestive fluids in the stomach that helps in the digestion of food.

4. Lessening in spinal pain

When one sleeps on the back, the weight on the spine is increased which lowers its efficiency. It is especially true for fat persons. Sleeping on the left lowers the risk to the spine.