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Should Minors be allowed Abortion?

Today, emerging new social problems like rising cases of teenaged pregnancies, unemployment, increasing cases of dropouts and drug addiction amongst the teenagers have become serious issues within the society. The problems of teenagers, especially teenaged pregnancies and abortion must be tackled with innate sensitivity that would help inculcate confidence amongst the pregnant teenager. The issue of abortion is extremely important not only for health and well being of the teenager but also for the family. Thus, should the minors, under 18 years of age should be allowed to get an abortion without parental consent?

The issues with teenaged pregnancies

1. The teen age is that phase of adolescence where growing teenagers want Screen shot 2012-03-03 at 12.38.09 AMto act like adults without being aware of the wider ramifications of those acts. Thus, the covert bid to abort the unwanted child therefore becomes key element which the minor tries to attempt without the consent of parents.
2. Increasing involvement of teenagers in sexual activities without proper safeguard not only jeopardizes their life but acts like abortion may have long term lethal consequences.
3. The unwanted pregnancies amongst the minor become a major issue of shame and public outcast. Parental consent in abortion amongst the teenagers would provide the emotional support as well as ensure that child overcomes the traumatic experience with more understanding of serious repercussions of unsafe sex.
4. Abortion is a legal medical procedure which is used to terminate unwanted pregnancies under safe environment. But abortion by minor, when not accompanied by adult, may reduce accountability on the part of agency conducting the abortion and thereby may also endanger the life of the minor.
5. Abortion entails surgical risks which must be accounted and without the consent of parents or guardian, the life of minor may be at risk.
6. The minor may have physically matured but mental maturity and emotional balance may require experience and advice from peers like parents and guardian who are better equip to guide the minors.
7. One of the most significant arguments against the consent is the case where the minors are victims of parental abuse (NHS) and fear factor may prevent teenagers to ask for their permission.

4 Reasons why Minors should not be Allowed Abortion

1. Parental consent or adult intervention would help reduce the risks for abortion by minor.
2. Safe abortion practice under skilled medical professional would facilitate appropriate counseling so that minor is better able to cope with the stress and aftermath of traumatic experience of abortion.
3. The medical accountability is considerably reduced when pregnant teenager goes for abortion alone and thereby could risk her life.
4. Covert medical abortions could further traumatize the pregnant teenagers, both mentally and physically that could create lifelong socio-physical and psychological problems.