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How to enhance your sex experience

Myths-And-Truths-About-Female-SexualityPratishtha Dobhal

Sex shouldn’t be a chore, and sex should most definitely not make you end up feeling like you have a momentous task ahead of you. This sort of unnecessary pressure makes most active partners dormant. Expectations, guilt, attachment—all of these emotions lead to the dreaded word—pressure. Sex toys used to enhance the experience between partners are becoming commonplace now. What we however always root for is safe sex which always ensures your health and safety concerns are always well looked after. Find below a checklist of things to ensure you are using adult toys the right way.


  1. Remember the toy is not real: At the end of the day, the toy has been manufactured so that it is able to elevate your love making experience, so understand and distinguish it as a toy and not the real deal. Most of these toys could be porous which makes it easy for bacteria’s to hide. Always use the toys with a condom to avoid any infections. Make sure lubricants are organic and natural.


  1. Choose phthalate-free products: Cheaper may seem better but don’t be fooled by smart packaging and marketing. Ask for phthalate-free products that are less harmful and toxic.


  1. No pores please: Chances are the less porous your toy is, the less damaging it is to your entire well being. Remember if a toy is too bendy, chances are it contains phthalate. Non porous products trump porous anytime for safety and sanity measures they ensure.