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Issues of Masculinity and Social Class

Gender equality and equal rights have remained big issues within the feminist movement and contemporary human rights forum. In our fight for gender equality, women often fail to observe that gender war has now gone beyond the precincts of the social paradigms. Today, the predefined roles of men have undergone huge social change, raising the pertinent issues of the compulsions that construct social boundaries for gender related functions. Indeed, men foraying into so called women dominated area of work necessitates new perspectives on gender issues.


Why men are entering into female concentrated occupation?


  • It is often not out of preference but due to compulsion like increased unemployment.
  • Vested interests
  • Perspective on new advancement options open in the area
  • Improve career goals


New masculinity perspective


  • Feel cornered so exhibit more dominant posture and bring masculinity issue to gain leverage
  • Bring aggression within the workplace
  • Refuse to compromise on gender issues and increase workplace conflicts
  • Personalities are based on self-interest and ego.
  • Raises ego issues as it may be the last option for men and they see it as a compromise on the masculinity
  • Low regard for their job and to increase their acceptability within the social fabric, they tend to be innovative in their ‘masculinity drive’ that tends to pamper their ego


Impact on workplace


  • Men refuse to consider or accept the need conform within the changed professional environment and do not make any efforts to bridge the increasing divide within the social fabric.
  • They often tend to trivialize the fundamentals of the work paradigm.
  • Gender image emerges as critical issue for men that force them to bring issues of masculinity within the work area.
  • One of the most interesting aspects of the situation is that while women conform to the work ethics, men try to bring new changes and creative approach to the traditional measure of work.




Impact on gender issues


  • Promotes women empowerment
  • Forces people to develop broader aspect of gender issues.
  • Gender equality to be looked upon from the perspective of labour market and compulsions of the times rather than pre-determined roles of gender within the social identities platform.
  • Reduces gender biases and motivates new work equation based on merits.
  • Introduces flexibility of outlook that goes beyond the gender biases.