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13 Facts about Blood

By Robert Lee

Blood is the lifeline of our system and an essential part of our body.diabetes It is a window to our health that helps carry the nutrition, electrolytes, hormones, oxygen and heat across different part of the body. Thus, for complete wellness and health, one needs to be aware about the various statistics of the blood that flows in our system.

1. 8% of the body weight is that of the blood in the body.

Blood pressure
2. Normal range of low blood pressure or Diastolic Pressure is 60/90 and high blood pressure or Systolic Pressure is 80/120.
3. Maintaining blood pressure is important as it could damage arteries and veins that could lead to other serious health problems like kidney damage, hypertension etc.

Heart rate
4. The heartbeat of a common man is between 60-90 bpm where ideal heartbeat is 72 bpm.
5. If you are an athlete, it could be marginally less also.
6. According to a research by American Heart Journal, heart rate should not fluctuate too much. It is observed that increase of 15 bpm escalates the risk of heart diseases by more than 24%

Blood sugar

7. Blood sugar level should be ideally less than 100 mg/dl which should be maintained.
8. Higher count of blood sugar indicates diabetic condition which is a silent killer as it tends to damage vital organs of the body (kidney, heart, eyes and feet) if left undiagnosed/ untreated for long.
9. Be aware of high risk factors like family history etc. and get regular blood sugar test to manage pre-diabetes.


10. Good and bad cholesterol in the blood should be constantly monitored. Bad cholesterol or LDL should be about 100 mg/dl and good cholesterol or HDL should be about 40 mg/dl.
11. For every increase of 43 ml/dl in non HDL cholesterol, risk to heart diseases is enhanced by nearly 50%!
12. Be aware of cholesterol level and get your LIPID test conducted annually.
13. Include fibre and green veggies in your diet and reduce intake of fat and oil in the food.