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How to manage stress in daily life

Vijay Bhatt

Stress can defined as the adverse reaction of people when they face new pressures or other types of demand in their stress-2life. Scientifically accepted definition identifies it as the ‘perceived pressure that exceeds one’s ability to cope’ within the pre-defined socio-psychological parameters1 (Palmer, Cooper & Thomas, 2006). Thus, people have different level of stress adjustment ability.


Tentative causes

  • Situations which force people from their comfort zone. For example, introduction of new machinery/ gadgets or rules in the office.
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Unexpected guests in the house, especially when you are busy.
  • Traumatic experience in life
  • Insecurities in life related to money matters, housing, children’s future, children’s habits etc.
  • Fears of failure
  • Fears of not meeting the expectations of the parents, partners, friends etc.
  • Fear of losing the current status in life especially in one’s profession


Impact of Stress in life

  • Low productivity in work
  • Irritation and low threshold of anger
  • Onset of diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes etc.
  • Differences in relations and bitterness
  • Worsening of physical and mental problems



  • Make efforts to develop stronger positive family relationship based on love, trust and mutual understanding as it promotes strong sense of emotional wellbeing in person.
  • Positive attitude because it helps you to rationalize events and situations and look for positive things in the challenges of life.
  • Meditate as it provides you with the serenity to cope with the problems with cool mindset.
  • Balance diet, exercise and yoga etc. help keep you physically, mentally and spiritually fit for new challenges so that you are not stressed out easily.
  • De-stress by participating in social and professional activities. It helps to keep you brain alert and ready for any adverse/ new situations.
  • Take proper sleep and relaxation