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9 Ways for Couples to develop Strong and Healthy Relation

Developing strong bond needs to be an important priority for couples. All relationships need time to form strong and healthy relations and couples especially, must make efforts and time for not only romance but also for forging healthy and loving relations that can overcome the test of time. Inculcating some positive habits as mentioned below would go a long way to strengthen partnerships.Rel-couple

1. Respect

This is one of the most important issues that can make or break the relations between couples. The partners need to respect each other and ensuring the same by giving them space, trust, time and character. They should not speak ill of their partners or complaint to friends or relatives. They should also refrain from issuing threats of any threat like leaving other during hot discussion.

2. Communication

Communication is vital tool between the partners as it helps to clarify misunderstandings and conflicts. Couples must talk to each other about issues especially the ones which they feel could lead to misunderstanding or skirmishes. They should also frequently communicate their love and feelings verbally rather than taking them as granted.

3. Maintaining Positive Attitude

One needs to look at the positive side of the things and the same applies to partners. Each partner should accept the other with his/her faults along with good qualities. Nobody is perfect and love entails loving with faults. Negative talking gets on the nerves and could lead to souring of relations. So look at all the good qualities of the partners and underplay the faults unless they take the extreme form like addition to alcohol, substance abuse etc.

4. Appreciation

Showing your love verbally or through deeds definitely strengthens the bond between the couples. Apart from verbalizing your love for the partner, little surprises in the form of gifts, cards, flowers, messages etc. show your love and appreciation in unique ways that make others feel good.

5. Quality time

The quality of time spent with your partners makes huge difference to your relationship. Quality and quantity is important because it keeps you engages and interested in the welfare of each other. Thus, sitting quietly together and doing your own individual work is as important as discussing your day at dinner time and indirectly involving your partners in your life that sends the message of your importance on other’s life.

6. Unique Love Language

Couples need to develop their own love language to communicate with other even in crowd. This not only helps to enliven their private life but also gives a new zest and anticipation to their relations when alone. It could be anything from a smile to a special gift or words of appreciations that keeps you constantly connected to each other.

7. Giving Space to Each Other

Giving private space to your partner is as important as being with each other. Encouraging partners to take some time apart shows trust and willingness in partners that allows others to pursue their own individual pastime/ relaxing activities etc.

8. No Comparison

All individuals are different and have their own characteristics that define them and their unique personality. Comparison of identities or even their lifestyles etc. is strict no-no between partners. Indeed, appearances are often deceptive. It is always good to analyze your own self and seek ways to improve rather than waste time and emotion in comparing/ competing with outsiders for your own happiness.

9. Talk about sex and family

Talking about your sex life including your preferences and dislikes is extremely important part of couple’s relationship. For a healthy romantic bond, having a stimulating sex life is critical ingredient of feeling connected. So talk about sex, family and babies often as it indicates long term relationship that must thrive on love, trust, openness and understanding.