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Public Medicine Store would have cheap medicines

Bhopal (MP, India)
Patients would soon be able to get essential medicinesnews3 cheaply through government sponsored medical stores that would be opened near all the leading medical hospitals such asHamidia, JP Hospital, Katju and Kasturba Hospital. The Central Government sponsored Bureau of Pharma has started the process by asking for quotations from pharma industry. Opening of 4 new Medical Stores for generic medicines would increase the public medical stores to 5.

The Nodal Officer of the Bureau, MrBakshi has informed that these stores would have around 356 types of generic medicines that are used for wide range of diseases from cough and cold, fever etc. to cancer and heart attack. The medicines would be 40 times cheaper than branded medicines. A contract would be signed with the suppliers of these generic medicines with the Bureau of Pharmaceuticals for meeting the demands for these generic medicines.