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Physically challenged Mandvi conquers Kanamo Mountain

Hissar (Punjab, India)

7 years back, Mandvi had lost eyesight of both her eyes.news2 But she has taken it as a challenge and has never let it defeat her goals of life. With sheer grit and indomitable courage, she has climbed Kanamo Mountain of Lahaul Spiti. 30 years old Mandvi is presently working in Oriental Bank of Commerce as Branch Manager, Hissar.

While doing graduation, Mandvi had lost her eyesight due to retinitis pigmentozza disease. The physical setback was not able to set her back from her goals and life’s ambitions. She not only completed her graduation with flying colors but was able to become bank manager at this early age. At one time she had become worried about her future but she did not let her fears rule her. While gradually losing eyesight, she googled her problem and came across a software which does screen reading. She was buoyed by this knowledge and used it as a tool to overcome her disability.

She also pursued her ambition for mountaineering and applied to an Adventure Foundation in Jamshedpur. The renowned mountaineer, Bachhendri Pal was impressed with her and included her in her team. Mandvi successfully climbed 19600 feet high Kanamo Mountain by climbing 19600 feet under tough climatic conditions. Kanamo Mountain is very steep and 5 of the 13 team members had left halfway. On 24 August, Mandvi along with other team membersstarted climbing the mountain and reached the peak on 30 August 15.