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Dengue: Symptoms and Treatment

Bhopal, (MP, India)

Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan has appealed for caution and early treatment of Dengue which has become menacing. It is important that people become aware of the symptoms of Dengue and take preventive actions.


• High fever and feeling cold and loss of appetite
• Rashes and red spots are formed on the body starting from legs, chest and then may spread all over the body
• Loose motion, bladder problem, dizziness and general weakness
• Constant headache and dizziness
• Loss of appetite and feeling listless
• Sudden drop in platelets and reduced pulse rate
• Bloody dysentery and blood in vomiting


• DO NOT TAKE medicines having Aspirin or diclofenac types of painkillers.
• Immediately consult doctors and get the medical tests done for Dengue.
• Patients should be constantly given food and plenty of fluids so that they do not feel weak.
• User 1 spoon of turmeric powder either in water or milk before going to sleep.
• Boil basil leaves in 1 cup of water, mix honey and drink it twice a day
• Use mustard oil in the nasal path. It stops the bacteria from entering the body through nose.
• Take fruits that are high in Vitamin C as it strengthens body cells and enhances immunity system


• Do not let water collect at one place or container as Aedes mosquito breed in fresh water so drain water from coolers and pour little bit of kerosene/ petrol/ edible oil in the overhead water tanks.
• Wear clothes with full sleeves and try to cover parts of the body to protect them from the mosquito which spreads dengue.
• Use mosquito repellents and mosquito nets

Important tests for dengue

It is a viral disease which is carried by Aedes Mosquito. Aedes mosquito bite spread dengue that could take the shape of epidemic very fast. So early detection and early treatment of dengue become imperative for dengue patients.

Rapid Card Test

This test for dengue should be done within 5 days of the appearance of the symptoms. After 5 days, the result could be misleading. The test is fully equipped and reliable to test dengue if done within 5 days of the symptoms’ visibility.

Elisa Test

Test is expensive butit is very sensitive, specific and reliable for testing. In case of any doubt, Elisa test should be carried out.