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Acne Vaccines

London: Acne is one of the most common skin conditions whose cause is still unknown. About 80% of the population aged 11 to 30 years is afflicted with acne.

Problematic skin

The good news for the youngsters who have this irritating and highly embarrassing skin condition; scientists are working towards acne vaccines which could make acne a thing of the past.

The researchers at University of California, San Diego say that few complications in the research have delayed the development of the acne vaccines. P. Acne bacteria are partly responsible for acne. Eric C Huange, project head researcher says that the P. bacteria are also good for human body and therefore they must be taken into considerations. But discovery of an antibody to a toxic protein secreted by P. bacteria would greatly facilitate research on acne vaccine. Toxic protein is the key reason for inflammation that causes acne.

The formula has been tested on skin biopsies successfully and scientists are now looking for clinical trials which would undergo in next few years.