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5 Simple tips for Adolescents Holistic Wellbeing

By Ramon D’Souza

1. Holistic wellbeing of adolescents has emerged as major concern across the world. adoescentThe adolescence is the most difficult phase of the growing up when children are in the transition phase: going from childhood to young adulthood. As a result, the young adults and parents are often at loggerheads over various issues when each try to impose their own will and demands on the other. This phase is renowned for the hugely conflicting situations that arise due to the growing demands of the adolescent who wants to act like an adult when he is not yet an adult.

2. The adolescent phase is a highly stressful time when adolescents are learning about the seriousness of relationships and trying to come to terms with their changing physical and emotional demands. They are confused and tend to imitate their peer group for guidance for foraying into new areas of experience. This is crucial time for parents as they must create congenial atmosphere at home that promotes trust building and mutual understanding among themselves so that adolescents have more space for their personal growth to evolve as independent adults.

3. Holistic wellbeing looks from the wider perspectives that take into account the physical, mental, intellectual, psychological and social aspect of the individuals. This is the time when they are trying new activities and start to make lifestyle choices that would affect the current and future life.

4. They need to be counselled regularly on various areas of concern like safe sex, substance abuse and its long term ramifications, cautious driving and how to avoid accidents, violence etc. 1 in 5 have reported tobacco abuse while 2 out of 3 sexually active adolescents do not use condoms (CDC, 2013). This hugely endangers their health.

5. Environment should be created to inculcate discipline and behavioural etiquettes at all areas of human interaction through home, school, families, community organizations, government agencies etc. The proactive participation of collective agencies in guiding the young ones becomes the key propellant for fostering lifelong healthybehaviour and human values amongst the adolescents.