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7 Home Remedies to cope with Hay Fever

Hay fever is basically allergy caused due to pollens homeremediespresent in the environment. Hay is prevalent in summer season and gets aggravated in hot environment. Physicians normally prescribe antihistamine but there are lot of home remedies that can help you cope with the hay fever.


• Constant sneezing
• Wheezing
• Nose block and phlegm formation
• Chest and nasal congestion

Home remedies

1. Green Teais great home remedy for hay fever because it is rich in antihistamines that fight allergies. It helps to de-congest chest and nasal and strengthens the immune system

2. Honey is one of the most popular home remedies for number of ailments including hay fever. One table spoon of honey daily would reduce pollen allergy and keep you fit.

3. Onion is an effective antihistamine found at home. It is rich in Quercetin which is found in antihistamines. Chopping onions releases Quercetin which results in your nose, eyes and ears flowing that removes pollens.

4. Chamomile tea is effective in hay fever. You can take it after brewing it or rub some chamomile and lemon oil on clean tissue and inhale to get rid of pollens.

5. Steaming is very helpful in unblocking the nose and clearing the chest congestion. It starts nose flowing and helps get rid of the pollens fast.

6. Cucumber slices reduce itching of the eyes and soothe the area. They flush out the pollens from the eyes and help you feel better.

7. Cool places help you to get relief from the discomforts of the hay fever. Cool environment tends to soothe the itching and constant irritation that often gets aggravated in hot environment.