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6 Ways to Remove Dark Circles

By Cindy Lane

1. Cucumber slice are powerful agent for removing dark circles and relax eye muscles. Keep cold slices of cucumber on your eyes covering the dark circles and keep it for 10 minutes. Repeat the process for a week and dark circles will vanish.maxresdefault
2. Orange peel are rich in citric acid which is a natural bleach. Mix powdered orange peel (dry orange peel and grind it to powder form) with little water and apply it under your eyes. It can also be used to remove dark underarms.
3. Milk is natural whitening agent and applying it regularly under your eyes would help remove dark circles. Mild is rich in vitamin and fatty acid which nourishes skin and makes it bright and healthy. Cleopatra use to bathe with milk to look beautiful with fair and bright skin.
4. Apple is very useful in removing blemishes of the skin because of AHA which reduces/kills bacteria and other harmful germs. Mash 2 slices of apple after peeling it and apply the paste on the dark circles for 10 minutes. Continue for a week or 2.
5. Saffron is also helps to remove dark circles. Use a little bit of saffron with any body lotion and apply it under the eyes. Regular use would help nourish your skin and remove dark circles. It can also be used in underarms for removing odour and darkness.
6. Papaya also helps to lessen dark circles. Mash little bit of papaya and put it under the eyes for 10-15 minutes.