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17 Reasons why you should laugh more

By Joana Krish

Science has proved that laughter is the best medicine as it positively impacts vital organs of the body and helps keep them fit.

Good for brain

1. Laughter is good for brain. It releases serotonin hormonelaughter that improves your mood.
2. Laughter considerably reduces stress and inculcates positive attitude.
3. Laughter also activates endorphins system that helps to manage pain and induces sense of feeling better. It is also considered a natural painkiller.
4. Laughter improves memory and reduces risk to Alzheimer in older people.

Good for lungs

5. Laughter also improves our respiratory system. It forces more intake of oxygen and release of carbon di-oxide that significantly improves breathing and makes us more relaxed.
6. Experts believe that laughter enhances the capacity of our lungs and therefore is often referred as an antidote to the lung diseases.

Good for skin

7. We take in more oxygen while laughing that significantly improves blood circulation on the skin. This helps skin to get various nutrition and oxygen through improved blood circulation.

Good for heart

8. Laughter also reduces the risk to heart attack! Laughter positively impacts the cardiovascular system and helps maintain proper blood circulation.
9. Laughter also releases stress reducing hormones that lessens burden on the heart.

Good for immunity system

10. Laughter improves our immunity system. Tension, worries and depression negatively influences our immunity system and laughter considerably helps to overcome these negative emotions and inculcates positive feeling of hope and happiness.
11. The negative and positive emotions tend to affect the release of neuro-transmitters from neurons that impact our metabolic system. Thus positive emotions improve metabolic system leading to higher immunity against diseases etc.

Good for muscular system

12. Laughter is one of the most potent exercises for the muscular system.
13. Laughter activates almost all the muscles in the body and helps circulate blood across the muscles for better functioning.
14. Laughter also helps to fight against age related wrinkles.

Good for social networking

15. Laughter helps to patch up differences and make friends of the foes.
16. Laughter helps to bond with people and improve your social life.
17. Laughter and strong sense of positive feeling significantly influences your work productions and work relationships.