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World Heart Day 2015: Heart Friendly Environment Creation

The theme of 2015 World Heart Day is to encourage the lifestyle that promotes healthy heart and helps create conducive environment to prevent any type of heart conditions/ problems.

World Heart Day is celebrated worldwide on 29th Septemberhealthenvr since 2000 in order to create more awareness about heart and how it is important to protect it against any diseases for healthy life. It is important that the environment within which we live like workplace, home, public places etc. reduce the risk to heart diseases and stroke. In order to make a success of World Heart Day, we must:

• Avoid Tobacco use and create smoke free zone in public and private places.
• Eat healthy food and encourage schools to provide or have options of nutritious food and non-fizzy drinks
• Promote physical activities such as trails for walking, running, bicycling, and places for playing outdoor games
• Ensure children do not sit for long either in school or home by encouraging physical activity of some sort or other like they can get their own food or water at home etc.
• Limit alcohol consumption
• Have regular checkup
• Take immediate remedial action in case of obesity, high blood pressure etc. by changing lifestyle through better diet and food habit with low sodium intake and taking up regular exercise.
• Maintain healthy weight
• Make efforts to create greater awareness about heart and environment correlation and get proactively involved in doing so at all levels of interaction with others.