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Vegetarian Or Vegan?

The changing semantics have created new meanings to old words and dissected and divided the ordinary language. vegan-vegOne such word is vegetarian. We are all aware of being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But now vegetarian is further divided into two categories: veg and vegan.

Vegetarian broadly describes a person who does not eat meat of any kind. Their food normally include all vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk, curd, cheese etc. which have essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium etc.

Vegan refers to persons who totally boycott products that have any type of animal fat. They take ONLY fruits and vegetables, cereals and products made out these only. So their food does not include milk, curd, cheese, honey etc. as they are considered animal by-products.

Vegans replace milk and milk products with soya milk and products made soya like tofu. Dry fruits are good sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Instead of honey, vegans prefer dates’ nectar and dates pastes.

Benefits of being Vegans

Good alternatives of keeping fit and beautiful

Green vegetables and fruits are high in fiber which help in  digestion and keeping liver and other body organs fit

Low cholesterol that controls blood pressure and keeps heart fit and fine.

Helps in weight management

Helps strengthens immunity system


Adopting vegan lifestyle for long could lead to B12 deficiency as it is mostly produced by bacteria. Thus vegans need to take supplements of B12 to meet the need.