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Do You Know that

• Heart diseases can be prevented by taking appropriatehealthenvironment early actions through simple lifestyle changes.
• Heart diseases and strokes are world’s leading cause of death?
• Heart diseases are responsible for more than 17.1 million deaths which is much more than cancer, HIV, malaria etc.
• The major triggers for heart diseases are: obesity, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol
• The major causes for heart problem initially starts from unhealthy diet and food habit which have more sodium, oil, lack of nutrition such as in fast food.
• Sodium in food is responsible for nearly 2.5 million deaths annually that die of heart diseases (WHO, 2014)
• Sedentary lifestyle which lacks physical activity also goes a long way in promoting heart diseases.
• Children are increasing at risk of heart problems because of sitting for long?

Signs of heart diseases

While symptoms are not always visible or same for heart diseases and strokes, there are few important indications that may serve as warning signals and necessitate urgent medical consultation

• Chest pain mild or severe and slight discomfort in the region of heart and chest.
• Shortness of breath
• Upper body pain that spreads to one or both the arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach
• Nausea, vomiting, dizziness
• Suddenly breaking out in cold sweat
• Sleep problem, persistent lack of energy and fatigue.

How to prevent Heart problems

• Make lifestyle changes by having healthy diet, regular brisk walk for 10 minutes at least twice a day
• Do not sit for long in one place but do dome stretching after 20-20 minutes of sitting.
• Take stairs rather than escalators
• Stop smoking
• Reduce sodium intake