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What children expect from their parents

By Advait Jugran

What children expect from their parents

Children build the future and parents are the founding stone that turn children into what they become in future. They prepare them for the real world. The foundation must be nourished with love and supporting environment. The children explore the world in their own way, away from their parents, forming their own opinion. That opinion gives feedback to the parents on the character/ personality of the child and indicates the progress in life. So I personally believe that the following points are vital measurements that children consciously or unconsciously seek from their parents.

Care and attention

Focusing on your children’s early life will help your child become a valued member of the society. Parents’ attention and care into the different activities of the child would help guide him/ her and feel valued. The children tend to inherit character traits from their parents. Parents’ involvement will better prepare them for constructive social relationships and help develop them into responsible adults. Parents support will help them feel valued, secured and completed.

Early schooling and education

It is the key to children’s life.  Active involvement of both the parents in their children’s early schooling will make sure that the child is educated properly and imbibes the knowledge taught in the school.It will enable them to become financially independent and contribute to the society not only as a responsible member but also to the human spirit.

For example, when a child becomes an artist, he contributes to the soul of the man because through his artistic creation, he helps see the viewers/ public something which touches their soul. Then again, when a child becomes a scientist, he is able to discover new things about the world, including human body and help make life and living better and more comfortable.

Regular interaction/ quality time with parent

The role parents play in children’s life is very important. Quality time with children with parents not only gives them emotional security but also helps develop unique perspective of life and human relationships. It helps them to share their fears, expectations, hopes etc. and other such issues which parents can resolve early and help them grow without any extra baggage of life’s insecurities. The impressions and valuesthe mother and father give are vital inputsto the formation and development of the child’s life. It helps him/her to search and find the right career that can set alight his imagination by exploring and exploiting his individual characteristics.