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Good Parenting

Good Parenting

Why bonding is important
Today, it is difficult for busy parents to spend quality time with their children. Most of the times, both the parents are working and have to maintain balance between the tensions of the profession and the necessities of home life. As a result, they are left with little or no time for children. But good parenting means good time management. The parents must understand and ensure that children also need them to learn the values of life as well as develop sense of emotional security which is only provided when they bond with their parents.

Tips to bond with children

• Take at least one meal together with the family during the weekdays, preferably dinner. It is a good way for parents to know what their children have been doing all day long and guide them constructively.
• Keep your weekends free for children. Plan your weekend in a way that involves collective activities. For example, picnic, bird watching, football, snorkelling etc. Be innovative because it not only earns you respect from your children but it also motivates them to become creative in their activities.
• SWITCH off your mobile and other tech gadgets when you are at home. This sends the significant message that children and family are important and helps to bond with them better.
• Do not bring office work at home. This is vital part of good parenting as it would help you to spend quality time with children.
• Initiate story telling sessions with children. This is fun way of bonding with children and helps you to become their friends with whom they can share their fears, hope, expectations etc.
• Be patient. Do not lose temper with children as children tend to test their parents with activities and behaviour that might violate social norms or delicate line of home diktats.
• Remember children want you attention and love so give them freely and help them become responsible and compassionate human being.