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Autism early detection through blood test

Washington: Professor Jueregen Hahn of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the US believes that autism can be detected at an early stage through the blood test. His research investigation revealed that there were significant differences between the patterns of metabolites of children with ASD and those that of neurotypical. He says that analysis of 24 metabolites from the blood sample can help predict whether or not an individual is on the autism spectrum and where exactly they stand on the spectrum.

This is a major breakthrough in the medical science because early detection of autism in children was key hurdle in the intervention of the problem in autistic children. According to US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, autism is a ‘developmental disability caused due to the differences in brain’ affecting nearly 1.5 percent of individuals. Person with autism tend to communicate, behave and interact differently to that of normal person. Early detection of autism in child therefore can prepare parents and society to adopt appropriate intervention to improve/ assist development.



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