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Ways to keep cool this summer

  1. Drink lots of water, minimum 4 litres of water in a day so keep a bottle of water with you always during summer.
  2. when exercising, use electrol powder as it not only replenishes your water requirement but also gives you short term energy
  3. Drinking water is a must because it reduces the chance of muscle cramps.
  4. Use some sort of headgear like cap/hat and use sunglasses to reduce exposure from harsh sunlight.
  5. Apply sunscreen before venturing out of your home. It helps to avoid unnecessary tan and itching of the skin.
  6. Drink water before sleep as it helps to provide organs to recuperate properly.
  7. Be sensitive to your body needs. If you feel thirsty, have a cool drink now rather than ‘after few minutes’.
  8. Avoid unnecessary carbohydrate rich food at night as it slows your digestive system and could lead to bloating, gas etc. adversely affecting your much needed sleep.
  9. Carbohydrate filled diet could also have negative impact on blood sugar, especially middle aged persons and for persons with pre-diabetic conditions.
  10. Use light colored cotton clothes during summer as it helps your whole body to breathe