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Listen to your bones

By Remon Jeeves

We often ignore small problems of our body which could be indicating some serious health issues in the future. It is always better to know about your body and be aware of health issues to avoid problems in future.

Osteoporosis is a silent bone problem that slowly weaken the bone system and one comes to about it only when even an insignificant fall results in fracture. It is a serious matter when the bones become brittle and break easily. But the disease is preventable/ controllable with little cautious approach.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is mainly found in the old people above the age of fifty. All the body organs including bones are constantly renewed because old cells are constantly being replaced by the new one. As one grows older, the process of production of new cells slows down while destruction of old cells continue. This results in weak bones. More women are vulnerable to it because of the menstruation process and menopause which destabilizes the astrogen hormone level that helps in the bone strengthening.

Other causes

Calcium is needed by the muscular system, heart and other body organs which take it through the blood. When the food lacks nutrients like calcium and phosphorous, they it from the bone, resulting in early inset of bone related problems like osteoporosis. Thus few causes are:

  • Bad food habits
  • Deficiency of calcium and vitamin D in food
  • Thyroid/ diabetes
  • Steroids


  • Constant pain in the bones especially joints
  • Problem in bending
  • Reduction in height

Consult doctors and get the necessary test – Bone Mineral Density, done at the earliest

Preventive measures

  • Balanced food that should include calcium and vitamin D. Minimum 800-1200 mg of calcium is required by body which can be taken through milk and milk products. Also include kidney beans, eggs and green vegetables in the food. Vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium which is found in abundance in the sunlight.
  • Take food supplement if required
  • Physical exercise and regular workouts