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8 Reasons For Not Using Mobile Phones Before Sleeping


By Vijay Bhatt

  1. The blue light of mobile phones has the highest wavelength of light and has the ability to penetrate deep inside the eyeball, leading to retinal damage.
  2. The ultraviolet rays also have adverse impact on the cornea and lens which could lead to early loss of eyesight.
  3. Long exposure to ultraviolet rays could also lead to cataract and retinal damage as eye lens progressively become more sensitive to light rays.
  4. Researchers also believe that long exposure to mobile affects hormone secretion and heart rate that could onset multiple problems including heart problems.
  5. Scientific experiments have revealed that extended usage of mobile phones adversely impacts alertness leading to lethargy and lack of concentration.
  6. Long use of mobiles often leads to sleep tendency causing loss of sleep or excessive sleep.
  7. Younsters and toddlers who develop the habit of seeing rhymes, stories and other related items on mobiles, especially during night are  observed to become more cranky and hyper active.
  8. Using mobiles before sleep affects nervous system which in turn could seriously impact the proper functioning of vital organs leading to serious fallout in health.

6 Ways that lessen health impact                                       

  1. Keep the brightness of the mobile phones to the minimum.
  2. Use the apps that let you remove blue light from the screen.
  3. When you have to use the mobile, make efforts to take a break from the electronic gadget after every 20 minutes and exercise your eyes by looking at objects 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will help your eyes to readjust and reduce the impact of ultraviolet radiations from the devices like mobiles and computer.
  4. Keep away from mobile atleast 1 hour before sleep.
  5. Develop the habit of reading to avoid playing mobile games before sleep.
  6. You can also cultivate the habit of reflective practice. It will help you to not only improve your personal life but also let you know how you can improve your work.