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7 Risks of Sitting for Long

By Vijay Bhatt

In the contemporary times, the advancing technology and long office hours often results in sitting on one position for long. It adversely impacts our health.

1. Sitting for long on chair considerably increases the risk to back pain.
2. Sitting also enhances the threat to heart problems. Researches show that heart diseases increase by nearly 200% amongst persons who tend to sit in one position for more than 8 hours daily.
3. Sitting for more than 2 hours increases the probability to colon cancer by 8%.
4. More than 9% of the people worldwide are affected by lower back pain due to long sitting hours.
5. Nearly 30% of American are inflicted by joint pain caused due to long sitting hours.
6. Around 10% of the people across the world have acute to moderate neck pain due to sitting.
7. 25% of the women and 15% of the men have the problems of tightening of muscles when they sit for long hours.sitting

Do You Know That When you Sit for long

1. Electrical activities of the leg muscles are stopped that could lead to severe problems of the limbs.
2. Also adversely impact the functioning of enzymes which break fats which is reduced by nearly 90%.
3. Calorie burning is literally reduced by 1% per minute.
4. Sitting for more than 2 hours causes 20% reduction in the good cholesterol.
5. Sitting for more than 10 hours tends to lessen the impact of insulin by nearly 24% which could lead to the onset of diabetes.

7 ways to reduce the risks associated with sitting position

1. Change the body position in every 20 minutes.
2. Stand up and do some stretching exercises in between work.
3. Take short breaks for drinking water and move from the position.
4. Use ergonomically design chairs for sitting work.
5. Stand up while talking on the mobile phone.
6. Give support to the lower waist position while sitting.
7. Sit straight, keeping your shoulder relaxed and keep your feet flat on the floor