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10 Ways to Drive Away Depression

By Vijay Bhatt

1. Involve yourself in some physical activities like gardening, cooking, football/ basketball games etc. it helps divert your mind from the current issue that lessens the negative impact on your body and mind.depression
2. Break the routine and do something new. The more bizarre (but not harmful) it is, the better because it involves you and give you new ways to look at things.
3. THINK POSITIVE. Looking at issues from myriad perspective and lateral thinking helps you to evolve new solutions to old problems.
4. STOP Blaming others and look deeply to find out the root of the problem. Analyse the issue to find the causes of failure and look at failure as stepping stone to success because then you are better prepared for pitfalls and can device new ways of success.
5. Seek advice from people who have gone through similar problems as they are the best people to show the bright side of things which can take you out of depression.
6. Make new friends and visit new places. New acquaintances tend to bring in new perspectives and opinions which can show new ways and new opportunities of success.
7. Include iron in your food. Lack of iron often leads to listlessness and depression. Dryfruits, green leafy vegetables like spinach.
8. Fresh fruits and vegetables etc. are rich in anti-oxidants that help remove negative emotions. They alsohelp improve circulation and keep you mentally and physically alert.
9. Exercise daily because it helps in the secretion of serotonin enzyme which releases chemicals that helps you to feel good.
10. Inculcate healthy food habits. As it helps to control glutamate which tends to generate depression. Indeed, negative emotions and depressive thoughts are the only emotions that release 2 types of neutron-transmitters; Glutamate and Gama-aminobutiric acid or GABA. If GABA is relatively less than glutament, there is more depression and if GABA is more than glutamate, depression is relatively less.