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Why sound Sleep?

Scientists have found that people who sleep soundly and undisturbed tend to be healthier than their counterparts who have fitful and dissatisfying sleep. It was also found that elderlies who are faced with the problems of loss of sleep are more prone to mental and physical disorders like Alzheimer.

As one grows old, there are more frequent nightly trips to bathrooms or for water. Even in youths today, the problems of sleeplessness or fitful sleep have increasingly become common. The main causes for disturbed sleep or sleeplessness could be contributed to high professional stress, excessive use of digital devices like smartphone, tablet, computers etc. and addiction to social media like whatsapp, facebook, instagram and twitters.!!

The early symptoms of loss of sleep like losing alertness, fogginess, high irritation level, hyper activity in youth are few symptoms that are often not reported and which could have serious health consequences. In youth, it could lead to early onset of diseases especially cognitive and physical ailments like high BP, diabetes, heart problems neuro-cognitive disorders etc. In older people, it could worsen the existing diseases at faster pace.

The decline in sleep rapid eye movement or slow wave sleep and associated brain activities are observed when people grow old. Better known as sleep spindles, they are known propagators causing loss of sleep. Sleep disorders are thought to be the key reasons for increasing health problems today.

Scientists strongly affirm that sound sleep is restorative and helps the body to develop mechanisms to cope with diseases and develop stronger immunity system. According to Matthew Walker, professor at UC Berkley, lack of sleep is responsible for almost all types of diseases that kill us in later life. Indeed, to extend health span rather than life span, one must strive to have sound sleep for healthy, wealthy and happy life.

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