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Sexuality and morality


Sexuality and morality have become key tools for religious fanatics to impose social restrictions across people.The women, through the ages have been dominated by men and their actions have been controlled and conformed as per the guidelines established by the socio-cultural and religious values. Sexual orientation which may not conform to the traditional concept of sexuality becomes a highly controversial issue. The traditional heterosexuality that depicts attraction between the opposite sex is considered ‘normal’. Indeed, sexual attraction had always been a sensitive issue that is inherently linked to the religious and cultural paradigms of the society. The language and the words play crucial role in defining the overall meaning to sexual orientation or behavior. For ages, sexual preferences have become major issues which promote widespread inequality. The religious-cultural hierarchy and people in power have used it to define and confine the role of ‘sexual attraction’.

            Though initially, sexuality and sexual preferences was not an issue so long the people performed their allotted tasks. Today, sexual orientation has become more visible and hugely controversial issue. Homosexuality that describes attraction between the same sexes is considered abnormal. Adolf Hitler was the first politician who made all sexual orientation and behavior, except that between male and female, a legal offence and an evil act. It was political and constitutional declaration that established citizens’ morality parameters and which used to deny the rights of the people and suppress them for vested interests of the people, enjoying higher political and religious status in the society.

            Today, individuals need to be regarded as ‘persons or human being’ first and their preferences for sexuality or sexual preferences need to be recognized as their human rights. Many nations have recognized the rights of gay and lesbians that include marriage between the same sexes, thereby paving way for a more liberal society. Do you know that great people of by gone era like Alexander, Michael Angelo etc. have achieved greatness despite showing different sexual preferences? We must understand that sexual preferences are personal choices of the individuals and they must be treated as such. To segregate and deny people who are inclined to exhibit different sexual orientation not only violates personal freedom but it is also an abuse in human rights.