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Nano eye implant

Los Angeles: The new nano eye implant could restore vision to the millions of people across the world. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego and US based startup Nanovision Biosciences are in the process of developing two groundbreaking nano technologies that would sense light and electrically stimulate retina:

In the first breakthrough, silicon nano wires are used in implant that sense light and stimulate retina that tend to give higher resolution to the prosthesis, like human retina.

The second is a wireless device that provides power and data to nano wires at record speed and energy efficiency.

The researchers assert that the nano eye implant would be beneficial for people suffering from neuro degenerative diseases that affect eyesight. Diseases like macular degeneration,  loss of vision due to diabetes, retinitis pigmentosa etc. lead to blindness at later stage. The current prostheses are also limited in ability to restore vision in blinds. Scientists further elaborate the differences and stress that the current breakthrough does not require vision sensor outside of the eye to capture visual and translate it into alternating signals to stimulate retinal neurons.