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Myths about Vegetarian Food

You don’t get sufficient amount of protein

All food except alcoholic beverages and sugar has differentnuts-386753_1280
quantity of protein. Half a cup of sprouts have same amount of protein as 30 grams of meat. The body requirement of protein can be easily met through the daily consumption of cereals, sprouts, milk, fruits etc.

You often feel hungry

Vegetarian food has fibre, protein, fats and minerals so it would be wrong to assume that veggie food would not appease your hunger. Fibrous foods like salad and vegetables are not only rich in protein, minerals, vitamins etc. but they also give you a sense of full stomach. At the same time, fats and protein are digested slowly and constantly provide the body with energy. Handful of nuts like almond, pistachios, groundnuts etc. is good source of meeting hunger pangs and keeping you energetic.

Low energy

If you are feeling less energetic, you probably have deficiency of iron and vitamin B-12. Dairy products are good alternatives. To maintain high level of energy, include spinach which is high source of iron, pulses, sprouts, nuts in your diet. Oranges, tomatoes, guavas are also natural sources of vitamin C and therefore should be included in your daily dietary habits.

Good for weight loss

Vegetarian food normally is fibre rich which reduces your pangs of frequent hunger and therefore it is a good choice when you are dieting. But vegetarian diet and abandoning non-vegetarian food would be ineffective for dieting purpose if you keep having fizzy drinks and junk food which have high content of sodium and are highly detrimental to the body.

Inadequate diet for pregnant women

Some women believe that non-vegetarian food is better for gradual increase of weight during pregnancy. It is not true. The same can be done through inclusion of almonds, groundnuts, butter in your food. In fact, the vegetarian food during pregnancy becomes hugely pertinent as it tends to reduce the threat of diabetes and high blood pressure in pregnant mother.