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How to let go of your addictive eating habits

By Vijay Bhatt

Most of us are burdened with habits that adversely affect our health, especially bad eating habits like recurring strong cravings for chocolate or addiction of fast food etc. Sophie Schumacher, research scholar at Flinders University in Australia asserts that constructive distraction greatly helps to nip the cravings at an early stage and helps to let go of the cravings that could have long term repercussion on our health. According to her, people who seriously want to fight back this debilitating habit need to develop greater sense of self-awareness so that they can identify it at onset. The craving is actually preceded by intrusive thought in that is influenced by environment like watching idiot box or your favorite movie. Then the craving becomes persistent leading to eating! Distracting yourself would lead to cognitive delusion where you can actually visualize yourself at a very different place and doing something that really entrances you like enjoying nature. Cognitive delusion lets you be aware of your intrusive thoughts and guided imagery helps you to overcome those thoughts! Easy but not easy for people with low will power as they tend to view the distraction as a means of satisfying the craving! The easy way of course would be to stop watching TV or movie. But if you have really developed health consciousness, try convincing yourself of the two stages and you can really overcome your cravings of chocolates. Good luck folks!