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Does Monsoon make you sad?

Do you develop depression and low esteem with the onset of monsoon and incessant rain? Don’t worry!dancing_rain_33

It is just a temporary phase that adversely impacts your emotional and mental stability and mood. In recent times, it is commonly called SAD (seasonal affective disorder) when change in weather conditions, especially during monsoon and winter season makes people sad and lethargic. It affects sleep and eating habits and promotes laziness.

Change in weather also results in changes in the hormonal system which affects the mood and behavior of the individuals. That is why while it brings romance in the life of some people, others tend to become pessimistic. Some experts even believe that low light during the monsoon adversely impacts the internal clock of the person and makes him/her extremely moody and sad.

How to overcome monsoon blues

  • Keep yourself busy
  • Indulge yourself with your favorite food
  • Go for change in environment and do something positive and different than your normal routine
  • Surround yourself with people with positive leaning and laughter
  • Walk and dance in the rain and relive your childhood. It would uplift your sagging spirits and make you happy